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We are your efficient supplier of sawn softwood for the most various purposes. Quality and faithfulness to deadlines – not only words but reality!


Our customers are postprocessors of solid wood as e.g. the planing and glued timber-construction industry, the packaging industry as well as the wood craft. Furthermore, we are a strong partner for the timber trade.

In today’s fast-moving economic environment a fast, uncomplicated and reliable delivery of the required product ranges is more than ever important to you; just to serve your customers in the same short way, and to maintain your current assets as low as possible.

In this connection we have fully oriented ourselves to meet special wishes of our customers regarding delivery quantities and dimensions, that are within our technical possibilities, within the shortest possible delivery deadlines. Here, the intensive, direct communications flow towards the customer is the focus of our work in order to jointly find a solution for the most different requirements.

In this connection, the many years of experience as well as the commitment of our employees are your competitive advantage when purchasing goods. We know what matters to you when you are purchasing goods: quality of treatment and timber, dimensional precision, accuracy of quantities, short delivery deadlines and competitive prices.

Our services to you

Prismatic cut sawn softwood produced with chipper-circular saw-profiling-techniques (planing-like surface), PEF certified according to chain-of-custody, cross-cut to fixed length on demand, kiln dried, surfaced, ribbed, profiled, round edges, chamfered edges, special profiles, impregnated by dipping as well as pressure boiler method and much more.