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The reliable, valuable supplier of comprehensive product solutions for post-processors, trade and industry of softwood products all over the world.


what we stand for



We have many partners. Our employees, customers, raw material and technology suppliers, the public and even our competitors. Real partnership arises from good communication, through mutual understanding and through a high degree of respect. Thus a winner-winner relationship between them and us is established. We are aware: That what we call business has to do with other individuals. Individuals that are our partners.



Confidence is the successful basis of all our business relationships. We are convinced that we can only achieve our objectives by developing confidence towards our partners. We create confidence through friendliness, reliability, honesty, open communication, trustworthiness, sincerity.



Sense of responsibility comprises many aspects. Our behaviour in all business areas reflects the responsible dealing with our resources. These resources are among others our personnel and its skills, the raw material that we treat and process, the energy required for this, our machinery and buildings, and our financial strength that ensures our existence and our progress. Above all, the subsistence, foresighted thinking and doing in every respect lets us be responsible.



We offer our partners, especially our customers, a concrete benefit that is manifested in our products and services. We are a manufacturer and supplier of useful products that bring about more for our customers and ourselves than just being economically successful. We do not create unnecessary needs but identify and satisfy such that help our partners to be successful in an appropriate manner. The benefit that we provide to our partners gives a meaning to our company.

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