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In the year of 1898, Heinrich Martin Seuffert founded a sawmill in Kleinwallstadt/Main, Bavaria. His pioneer work as well as his initials are the basis for the family-owned company HMS-HOLZ. At that time we were looking for a complementary use for a steamengine which served as a driving means for a thresher machine during harvest so far. So it came about that the founder of the company produced sawn timber for all kinds of purposes from trees of various wood species by using a horizontal framesaw.


The company’s history of the second generation was determined by the confusion of World War II. As a young man Adam Anton Seuffert had to – like many others – leave his home and did not return to Kleinwallstadt until years after the end of the war. During this time, his wife Barbara Seuffert carried on the fate of the company and besides that provided for her two children Anne Rose and Heinrich Anton.


At the end of the sixties Heinrich Anton Seuffert relocated the sawmill to a newly set up nearby industrial area. At the same time they specialized in softwood and significantly extended their capacity. Today, HMS-HOLZ is run in the fourth generation with two sawmill and planing mill sites in Germany. Sawn timber and planing-mill products for construction works, garden architecture, packaging and many others are produced from domestic coniferous roundwood coming from sustainably cultivated forests, by means of modern chipper circular saw-profiling techniques.

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